How Does This Work?

First, fill out the Contact Form and let me know, as best you can, what you need help with. We will set up an initial consultation in your home or office so that we can look at the space together and start to make a customized plan for organizing it.

If you decide to book an organizing session, the cost of the consultation (equal to one hour at the current hourly rate) will automatically be applied to the first hour of the session.

I will have lots of questions for you, and perhaps a form or two for you to fill out.

Is There a Minimum?

Yes. If you decide to book an organizing session, the minimum is two hours. At the end of those two hours, you will have the opportunity to extend or book additional sessions.

What Are Your Rates?

My current rate is $75/hour. 

When rates change, your rate will not increase. When you become my client, you are added in whatever rate tier is applicable at that time, and you lock in that current rate for future organizing sessions.